Hello menstrual cup user!

In this blog I’ll be giving a basic FAQ about TIEUTCUP. If you opt to watch my detailed review and you have time you can click this link and visit my YouTube Channel https://youtu.be/GtJvzTRW3Ow

Where I bought my Tieutcup?


How much was it?

Php 1,191 + Shipping Fee (sale price)

It took 9 days to arrive from South Korea to our province here in the Philippines.

It was well packaged. No dents.

You can buy from local resellers here just make sure they are legit.. for a faster transaction.

What size I got?

I bought a LARGE SIZE. They only have two sizes.

Small (30ml)

Large (42ml)

What size you should get?

Well it depends on how heavy you bleed and or how high/low your cervix is.

Another factor would be your age and if you have given birth already.

The best way is for you to take a quiz at PUT A CUP IN IT

*here you go*

to find out which cup will be best for you.

There are a lot of brands.. just make sure your cup is a good quality (US-FDA Approved/Registered) to avoid irritations and or possible infections.

What fold I use?

I usually use the PUNCH DOWN FOLD or the 7-FOLD.

Does this cup hurt?

No. As long as it is inserted properly and removed properly.

Does it bother me when it is inside me and I have to urinate?

It does not!

I haven’t tried pooping with my cup inside me yet. 🙂

Do I sleep with my cup on?

Yes. But not all the time coz it is very difficult to get in the morning… I’ll get there!

Does it leak?

For this tieutcup… it did not leak when I was able to put it properly (on my third day)

It went sideways which was crazy!!!!! AF!!! sorry… I had a mini panic attack there lol!

Guess what? NO LEAK!!! and it was able to catch this much

this was how much it collected on my third day of period from 6:30AM til 12noon.

How many times do I change my cup?

Well since I am still getting to know this cup and I am also a beginner user I change it every time there is a leak.

On my third day though (my successful day using tieutcup) I only changed it 3x

morning, noon, and before I slept. It can stay inside for up to 12hrs though 😉

Does it smell? My blood after those long hours?


Is this cup firm?

YES! YES! YES! It easily pops open inside when I inserted it properly. (explanation on my vlog)

Would I recommend tieutcup to you?

ABSOLUTELY! YES! The shape can be a little intimidating especially when you are a pad user like me. You’d probably choose a cone shaped cup over this but.. but this cup can be the one for you. Hopefully! You’ll be amazed!

*size matters

*quality matters

Do not forget that there is a learning curve sooo we shall not give up!!!!

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Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/njsoh1992/videos

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